We are committed to building a unique and powerful mobile education service that truly adds value to your child’s life.

We are parents of young children ourselves and we know the challenges you face trying to manage your child’s screen time.  In addition, we are troubled by the sub-par Math and Reading proficiency scores among 4th and 8th graders in our country.

We created ScreenTime Learning to address these issues and we have done many things to distinguish ourselves as a business, such as:

1.  Hiring top academics and PhD learning scientists to incorporate proven science that delivers quantifiable learning.

2.  Building proprietary technology with artificial intelligence and algorithms designed to keep challenging your child.

3.  Pioneering features that allow you to control device access, monitor learning progress, and engage with your child.

We know that our success as a company is dependent upon fulfilling this commitment to you and we want you to know that we will be focused on doing so every day.  We are very proud of ScreenTime Learning and we hope that you and your child enjoy and receive many benefits from it.

Happy learning!

David & Gene
Co-Founders, ScreenTime Learning